Field board includes:

• Run-in shelter access
• Groves of trees
• Hay access in those months when grass may be inefficiently replenishing
• Basic oats and feeding any grain up to twice a day (based on average full-size horse portion and average dietary needs)
• Unlimited water access
• Unlimited access to facilities (excluding stable area) during open hours
• On those nasty days, or if your horse needs a short stable stay due to illness or injury,
your horse is welcome in a stable stall at a rate of $20 per day/night.     


Let'em stay warm and dry for a night in a stall

Beyond the basic contract agreement, you are not required to purchase services you may not use. That is how we keep the costs low for all. But each horse is unique and may have special needs. For minimal additional fees, we can customize a package that best serves you and your horse’s needs. Our services are also available by the hour.

Services may include but are not limited to:
• Separating at feeding time (included in full board)
• Additional blanketing (6 already included)
• Medical care such as: hoof soaking and wraps, wound cleaning and treatments
• Handling for farrier and vet
• Feed preparation (basic portioning and supplement care already included)
• Supplies or feed purchases
• Grooming
• Washing
• Hoof picking
• Stall stay by the night (included in full board)

• Horse trailer storage


Find that your horse in spending quite a few days each month in the stall?

Consider converting your field board contract to a stable board contract.

No problem (if space is available)!

But, there must be a thirty-day notice to convert back to a field board contract (if space is available).



Keepin' it simple

food • water • shelter

Run-in sheds are provided in each field to subsidize the shelter provided by the groves of trees.

Fields are not overgrazed providing natural nutrition in the summer. Hay is from the property providing no nutritional transition in winter.

Field or stable board, you best know your horse's needs.

Horses are fielded, not my rules but positive coexistence.