The stalls are located in the renovated downstairs of a large bank barn.
The floor was actually lowered to accommodate its 8’ clearance.

Two stalls are specifically designed to serve the needs of horses who,
for medical or emotional reasons, need to be away from the main action but close enough to hear they are not alone.

Because the stalls are underground, they stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
The stables' location is blessed with natural soft breezes providing ventilation through the stable area.
In winter, large side panels are closed off to reduce winter’s chill.

The entire interior stable floor is rubber matted.
The stables also have a people room that serves the dual task of a grain room.

Comfortable facilities, a friendly atmosphere, and a commitment to quality care of your loved one in a nurturing, informal environment



Stall sizes range from 9’x12’ to 12’x14'.
Each stall is unique: some with removable walls, walk through doors, double entrances or located away from the action. If he needs to see his buddy, openings can be easily created at a comfortable height.
Each stall is constructed of 2”x 6” tongue -n- groove yellow pine and have been sealed for ease of cleaning and disinfection.

Each stall has a hay and feed bin, water bucket (heated as needed), fan (as needed) individual light and electrical plugs

Each has an easy-glide sliding door with no dangerous latches or protrusions.
The entire upper portion of each stall is constructed of aluminum grills and an open/close window
to maximize ventilation and maintain safety while not loosing contact or communication with buddies.



Individual storage units all have adjustable shelves and a saddle rack.
Seven units have room for a second saddle rack if needed. Suspended blanket racks accommodate eighteen. The large bank barn provides a seemingly endless variety of common storage area. Bring ALL your stuff.

home is where the heart is

Your horse's heart that is

As a small stable, because our arena is not overused, we have been able to preserve its natural grass footing. No scheduling, no waits.

Our grain room also serves as supply central and a cozy sitting area.

Each field has a run-in shed to subsidize protection provided by the grove of trees.

The round pen is a great place to train in a restricted area.